Go wide

My creative days feel so limited. I miss the days when after work I could mess around with my camera for unlimited time. Life has interfered now and traveling to and from work takes the place that was once meant for my camera. I miss putting effort into doing what I love but it’s only for 2.5 months and then my creative time will become available again 🙂 This month, it’s simple – using a wide angle lens. I tend to over abuse my 50mm so I dusted off my wide angle and thought “You need to put this to use – challenge yourself!”

I’m continuing my 365day challenge starting at day 151.



For the love of trees <3

For the love of trees ❤


day 2 (1) street life




Love this cutie.

Love this cutie.


organic vegetables IMG_1646 copy Bangkok view


A cheat pizza :P

A cheat pizza 😛

When pieces fall into place


IMG_9177 copy


IMG_9191 copy

Last week I was stressing about finding a new home so when we arrived back from Yangon on Monday morning, we called an agent to arrange a meeting to view a place. We killed some time at the mall and wondered how we would survive through the next 48 hours. At 2:30 we viewed a place. It’s a new condo building and we viewed different rooms around our budget. We were shown the expensive room which has 1 bedroom, living room and kitchen area. I immediately loved it but knew that we couldn’t afford it. We got in the lift to go downstairs and discuss which room we wanted. I casually said to the agent “If we could get that room for 10 000baht, we would take it.” This was already over our budget but I couldn’t imagine living in a box hotel like bedroom for the next however many months. The agent spoke to the owner and we negotiated a price that he was willing to settle for on a 1 year lease.

2 months deposit and 1 month rent upfront left the bank levels low and we immediately took a van to Nakhornnayok to go fetch our original documents and work clothes for an interview at 8am in Bangkok. We then rushed back to the bus stop and caught the 9pm bus. Catching the midnight train to our area we took a taxi to the apartment and got in 5 hours of sleep before our interviews.

The actual interview was not what I had anticipated. We had to write a few short paragraphs about our teaching ways/handling children and the obvious strengths and weaknesses. We then proceeded to our interview with the director. Long story short, she only had one position available and because the school is far from our place, we turned down the offer. Immediately we caught a van yet again to travel back to Nakhornnayok, eat a quick lunch, go to the labour department to cancel our work permits and head to the house to pack up the last few things. Turns out the last few things take a while to pack and took up a lot more space than anticipated. With the moving truck packed to it’s brim, we hit the road to Bangkok to start our new lives in the city. B and I had to share a single back seat because there was no space for us among all the things.

For now we are jobless but I feel so alive. Life feels like it has endless possibilities and I know that moving here has been a good decision. Everything will fall into place one piece at a time.


IMG_9221 copy


IMG_9309 copy


IMG_9580 copy


IMG_9590 copy

More coming tomorrow. Been having problems accessing my wordpress =/ Hope you are having a good weekend.


10 days of photos


IMG_5504 copy

I realized today I haven’t blogged for 10 days here. Life has been exciting and full, I’ve been doing more, sleeping less and taking more photos.

My parents arrived on the 12th in Bangkok. We spend the day showing them MBK and Khao San Road. The following day we went to Siam ocean world and Madam Tussauds finishing with Cirque Du Soleil in 4D. Take about a packed day. Everything was amazing and we did things that we haven’t done in all the time since living in Thailand.

The 14th we had an early flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Arrived at our hotel, grabbed some lunch and saw some sites around the city. Next day we headed off to one of my dream locations Halong Bay. We chose the 3 day 2 night cruise and although the weather was misty and cool, it was amazing. I’m really happy I set myself the lomo lens challenge and I’ve been shooting with the fisheye for majority of the time now since traveling. If I didn’t have the challenge, I would probably just not use the lenses and carry them around the whole holiday. I’ve even been shooting lomo film, hope they come out well.

Anyways onto sharing photos and there are a ton of them so I hope I don’t overburden you 😉



hotel room salad

hotel room salad


Early am start to catch a train to the airport

Early am start to catch a train to the airport


awesome wall graffiti

awesome wall graffiti


best restaurant in Hanoi

best restaurant in Hanoi


Halong Bay

Halong Bay


view from hotel of Cat Ba bay

view from hotel of Cat Ba bay


IMG_6806 copy


Hanoi streets

Hanoi streets


garden along the Perfume River in Hue

garden along the Perfume River in Hue