A new dream is born

If anyone has told me 3 years ago that I would develop a passion for food, I would have laughed at them.


Raw fresh beetroot juice

Pretty beet juice

I don’t know how it happened but since stumbling upon raw foods, my life has changed so much. I see it as a bigger passion for life, a passion to live healthy, prevent disease and inspire others. I know raw isn’t that popular in Asia or even South Africa but it’s growing and if only more people realized what a great thing it is, because it encourages eating organic foods, supporting locally produced products and taking care of our health. Our health and inevitably our happiness are essentials that NO amount of money can buy.

I have a big dream to inspire others and help them on a path of eating a cleaner lifestyle and being healthy because that means living a fuller life.

This passion is bubbling inside and I can’t wait to share it.



IMG_1805 copy*168/365*

IMG_1812 copy*169/365*

Raw pizza = AMAZING!

Raw pizza = AMAZING!


pineapple pattern

pineapple pattern


My easy, favourite, raw go to meal. Broccoli with 'cheese' sauce.

My easy, favourite, raw go to meal. Broccoli with ‘cheese’ sauce.


IMG_1894 copy

P.S. I’ve noticed my photos are ‘food’ centered lately. It just happens that I find food beautiful. I’ve still been using a wide angle which is a no-no in food photography but what the heck 😛



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