Give it a rest

I had no inspiration last month, just none what so ever. Being sick had really thrown me off things and getting used to the 5am morning is still a chore. I decided to just give myself a break. I didn’t take photo’s daily and I felt guilty but thought “why take a photo of anything if it means nothing just for the sake of taking a photo?” This doesn’t mean that I took no photos, I did but not daily and it was a good breather. I’m now continuing my challenge as of the 1st July and feel better already knowing that I want to continue and feel inspired again.

Kho Larn

Kho Larn

Two weekend ago we went to an island for a getaway with our Aussie friend. It was amazing and I let me hair down and enjoyed the time so much. A bumpy speedboat ride to the island, swimming in the warm ocean, eating anything I wanted, getting rained on the back of the bike, losing track of time, good conversations and getting soaked from the pouring rain on the ferry  sums up the incredible weekend.

IMG_1573 copy

Will be posting my July photography challenge ‘continued’ pics soon 🙂




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