Ooooo Organic + delicious salads

Organic Munching box

Organic Munching box


organic carrots

organic carrots

When I first heard the term organic in middle school I wondered what it was. Another money making scheme? What’s the point of paying for organic when you can just buy normal fruit and veg and it costs less. That’s how I used to think. I never used to think deeply about where my food came from or how my food was being grown.

Since becoming a health food addict, it’s really important for me to know all about my food. I don’t always trust a label in Thailand that says organic because there aren’t any strict rules on labeling here. 3 weeks ago I went to a local farmers market and was introduced to Raitong organic farm. They grow a whole bunch of local foods and deliver one a week to your home. So I signed up and have had a big box of fruit and veg arrive at my door weekly. I get a whole variety of leafy greens, veggies and fruit. Everything tastes super fresh and amazing. I would rather spend the extra money and know I’m eating CLEAN foods than those that have been sprayed with poisonous pesticides. I’m not 100% organic because some things are difficult to come by organically or are way too expensive like organic apples but I do try and eat as much organic as possible.

I also stumbled upon a little food website which is closing down (sadly) that sells hemp seeds, coconut butter and flour. So I got my hands on these asap and need to experiment with them. I’m in LOVE with coconut butter. It tastes amazing.





homemade fruit rolls - banana and strawberry

homemade fruit rolls – banana and strawberry


Green smoothie - banana, raspberry and spinach

Green smoothie – banana, raspberry and spinach


Burmese ginger salad - this salad is SO amazing! Recipe is below.

Burmese ginger salad – this salad is SO amazing! Recipe is below.


Chickpeas I used 1 cup

Sesame seeds 1/4 cup

Garlic cloves 4-5

Peanuts roasted

Gluten/wheat free soy sauce or fish sauce if you have

Limes and a lemon

Coconut oil


1 Cabbage

2 Tomatos
(Makes one huge bowl)

Soak chickpeas for 12 hours.

Peel and slice ginger into very thin slices then pour squeezed lemon juice over and let it sit overnight too.

Dry the chickpeas and fry in coconut oil for 8min, add garlic cloves (sliced lengthwise) and sesame seeds and fry all till golden brown.

Thinly slice the cabbage.

Squeeze out the ginger.

In a bowl thrown in the fried seeds/ cabbage/ ginger and add some soy sauce/fish sauce. Squeeze over some lime juice and add roasted peanuts. Add some sliced tomato and hand mix all the ingredients together. Taste and add more lime/soya if you need to. Let it sit in the fridge for half an hour before serving. Delicious! It sounds like a lot of effort but it really isn’t and you don’t dirty many dishes either.

banana flower slalad

banana flower salad – another delicious salad


hemp milk and raw banana, raisin granola - yummy!

hemp milk and raw banana, raisin granola – yummy!

I made hemp seed milk for breakfast and I adore it. It’s soothe and creaming and so nutritious. I added some coconut butter and dates to it to sweeten it and make it more creamy.

hemp seeds, coconut butter, coconut flour

I got a new job with my other half and we are starting tomorrow. Super excited. Will share a shoot I did of a lovely couple soon.



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