Monday Blues


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the poisons some choose to put into their systems


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journey from behind

journey from behind


it's been a while since a self portrait

it’s been a while since a self portrait

This past week has gone by in a blur. It’s been busy, too hot and stressful. We need jobs and we are struggling to find work in the city. I hate knowing that our house lease ends at the end of this month, 1 week away and we have no job and no new house to move to. It’s stressful and it’s driving me crazy. I’m trying to stay positive that something will come up within this week.

On Friday we leave for Yangon, Burma for the weekend. My visa expires and so I have to leave Thailand. We spent 3 hours at the Burmese today which was hell. The longest lines ever and the most claustrophobic room with hordes of hot sweaty bodies felt like a prison of doom.

On a positive note we went to a new mall (Terminal 21) and had super delicious, cheap Thai food. Cheapest mall food we have found in Thailand. I love Thailand’s convenience of food. Even though I stick to papaya salad, their range of food makes me happy. Will be heading back there for breakfast.

I forgot my camera cable back at home and been living in a hotel for the past 5 nights so I don’t have new photos downloaded yet. These 3 from last week will have to do for now, before I fall too behind.

Hope your week is a great one 🙂



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