look who came to visit

While making breakfast the other day, I hear this strange noise outside. I peeked through the curtains and saw this little guy removing bark off the tree. I love squirrels and get excited when I see them. Makes one wonder how we can accept a squirrel so easily but a rat is a whole different story. Anyways I took some photos before get caught sight of me and bounded off into the trees.


hey little fella

hey little fella


I made it to 100, I’m not sure if I ever doubted myself in this challenge but I’m feeling really proud that I’ve made it to 100 days already. My camera never rests these days and I love how it’s become a habit to take photos. I did a fun photoshoot this past week and this is one of my favourite pictures from it.

IMG_8397 copy


behind the wall . . .

behind the wall . . .


IMG_8801 copy

my all time favourite flower. Such delicate, intricate beauty.

IMG_8795 copy

I decided it’s time I start consuming green smoothies. Since collard leaves are about the only greens I get in this small town I decided to use them. This smoothie was heavenly!


1 Cup frozen pineapple, 1 cup almond milk, 2 frozen bananas, 1/4 cup dried coconut, a few collard leaves (I used 2 large ones to get me into it but you don’t even taste them), some honey if needed and a few blocks of ice. Blend and enjoy. It makes around 500ml.


IMG_8814 copy

I often wonder what a place would look like with no buildings or human waste in sight. Am I the only one?



3 thoughts on “look who came to visit

  1. Squirrels they do a lot of damage in city gardens! They live quite long compare with rats and breed fast. They eat bird eggs and sometime chicks so please do not feed them! We have way too many of them…

      • I use chicken wire after planting bulbs and I found they were digging them out and ate them! There are too many of them!…So many of them rip siding to nest causing so much damage. They are rats with puffy tail! They spread fleas too!

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