I wish my hands were a bra


I love reading and never make time for it, so I bought the first book in a really long time and plan on reading it on my travels.

IMG_4842 copy


IMG_4927 copy

The trap of hell, that’s what a bra feels like to me lately. I even start cursing the inventor of them in my head.I think the perfect bar would be an extra pair of hands. So need to find a bra that feels like a part of me. Any ladies out there that have found their second skin?


IMG_4993 copy

Today I just want to be living my photography dream. I’m inspired and bursting with passion. My head is filled with excitement to be moving. Sometimes in life you just know when change is needed and I know we need to leave this small town where we have got comfortable and challenge ourselves once more. I’m looking forward to finding a new team to work with, meet new people and make friends. Living in a foreign country can be tough and getting together a team is why my photography has been put on hold for the majority of my time living in Thailand. I can only hope and dream about finding the perfect team and I’m sure I will. This year is about change and embracing my passion.



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