catching up

*53/365* reIMG_4464


Loving dehydrated collard chips. Such an awesome way to get greens 🙂 Love the colour version too.



IMG_4550 copy

Have you ever really looked at grass ‘flowers’? They are so intricate and beautiful.


IMG_4585 copy

I’ve been working on a mini album of my Vietnam photos. I got so carried away that I remembered at 23:45 I hadn’t taken a photo yet so jumped off the couch in y sleepy state and took this.


IMG_4622 copy

Trying something new.

Yesterday my dearest and I went to the mall. This is a big thing since the nearest mall is an hour away. We got some things we need for Vietnam. It was a good shopping day, the kind when you walk in and see/ find everything you need. That doesn’t happen often. I’m excited to be traveling again soon.  Do you have anything you are looking forward to?



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