I’m a worrier…




IMG_4306 copy

I’ve always been a worrier. I love challenges but they make me worry and the whole moving to a new city, finding new employment and not having a salary for 3 months is a worry. This image portrays my recent worries these past few days. Changing jobs in Thailand is a challenge. It means canceling the current visa/leaving the country within 24 hours and the having to leave the country again when you have adequate paperwork to apply for a new Non B visa at your new job.  I didn’t know this till 2 days ago and because immigration is a 3-4 hours hell drive away we always avoid going there at all costs. What’s more annoying is I leave the country and have a flight returning just 3 days before the visa expires then I’ll have to leave again. Unless I can figure out a legal way around this of course.


IMG_4367 copy

Some time when I get home I shoot the first thing that comes to mind. Last night I was so exhausted that I considered not taking a photo. That’s when I got up, reached for my camera and just started shooting with it. It’s feels good to push myself at these times even when I’m not in the mood/tired or creative levels are low.


IMG_4426 copy

I’ve always thought about walking onto the concrete slab in front of my house and just shoot. The reason I’ve always chosen not do do it, is fear of what the neighbours might think or onlookers. I’m self conscious around people, that’s just me, I have always been and it’s something I hope I’ll overcome. Today I thought, “What the hell, just do it” took my tripod outside, lay down on the hot surface and began shooting. It wasn’t long before two little Thai girls popped their heads over my gate and asked something in Thai. I smiled and said I don’t understand, because in all honesty I don’t. I continued to shoot and when I was done, I waved goodbye and they were off. This is a small step for me and a big step in putting my images up here, but I hope that one day soon I will have overcome all my ‘insecurities’ that I’ve held onto for most of my life.

Now I’m off to make super delicious collard chips in my amazing Sedona dehydrator. Hope you have a fabulous Friday 🙂



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