When a challenge bores

As some of you might know, I decided to photography things I ‘can’t live without’ this month and I decided a few days back that I’m downright bored and not challenging myself. I don’t want hard drives of boring uninteresting pictures and I don’t want to shoot anything just for the sake of taking a picture. So I decided as of 15th Feb, I would do self portraits for the remainder of the month using any props and textures. I find self portraits challenge me because I don’t like being in them. Here is the last of “Object’s I can’t live without” and onto the self portraits 🙂


IMG_3733 copy

Just a random grass strand in my garden.

IMG_3741 copy


IMG_3749 copy

I know it’s old, but it can still do the job for a few more months.



resIMG_3990 copy



I’m working on a self project of abstract photography. This is a preview. Let me know what you think 🙂

reUntitled-1 copy





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