I can’t live without a decent bed, I love sleep and there is nothing worse than a bad mattress. For the past year we have been living on a mattress on the floor and I’m hoping when we move to a new place in Bangkok the mattress will have a base.



I appreciate a hot shower. Our current rented house had no hot shower installed and we had to shower in cold water for 5 months before we decided to buy our own hot shower. I never knew what a difference it would make and now I really can’t live without it. The thought of having a cold shower gives me the chills.


Raw pizza

Raw pizza

Friday night I make raw pizza for the first time. The dehydrated red peppers were my favourite and I plan on dehydrating mushrooms in spice again. Definitely a delicious and guilt free dinner. I’ve been having fun with my dehydrator. I made carrot cake on Saturday and currently there are cookies, bread rolls and crackers drying.


IMG_3661 copy

Before coming to Thailand, I had only been on a bike once before. I had a phobia about accidents. I was forced to get used to being on the back of once of these and now I love the feel of wind through my hair in the mornings. I still can’t drive one though.

my homegrown wheatgrass

my homegrown wheat grass

I made wheat grass juice for the first time on Saturday. I thought it would taste horrible and was so surprised when it didn’t. I found it much tastier than collard leaves juice. I plan on growing a few of these trays so I can juice every second day.


IMG_3676 copy

This is my all time favourite blog. I can’t live without it; it’s my daily inspiration and it’s become a part of me. I’ve been following this amazing blog for 8 years now. If you love creative bits and pieces http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/check  out.

Hope you have had a fantastic weekend 🙂



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