the future was foretold

I walked into the room, butterflies squirming in my stomach. Was I doing the right thing? I sat in front of an average looking Thai woman and handed her 12Baht in coins. They weren’t even my coins. She barely looked at me and began throwing the coins. Without hesitation she asked (translated for me into English), “Are you married?” I said no and she replied, “The partner you are with is your soul mate and you will be together for all time.” She went on to throw the coins and I relaxed more each time thinking to myself, “This has to be a load of bullshit.”

She carried on to say that I will live in Thailand for a long while. We move around a lot and will be going from job till job but I will find a job I really want in the end. She said I must not worry, that everything would work out. She also predicted an unexpected proposal and a ‘rushed’ marriage followed by a baby girl 2 years from now. She said I would have two children and I didn’t want to ask the sex of the second one. She told me my grannies would live to a ripe old age (they are currently 82 and 86 already) and that my brother would start a new job (he did the beginning of February). She warned of an accident when traveling and that we should be careful but it won’t be bad and said my fortune looks lucky for 5 years but after that life will get me a bit down.

She told me that my parent’s/partner and my health was good and asked if I had stomach problems or digestive problems to which I replied no, in my head I was thinking “I had stomach pains out of no where yesterday.” She told of B’s mom being okay but that she her arm region is incredibly painful. When asking B he said his mom always had the worst shoulder pains. How could she have known?

Last thing she predicted was that another guy would come into my life and have an alternative agenda. I was thinking… hmmm the only guys I know are like brothers to me.

On the whole, I believe these people make general assumptions. It’s easy to guess that a single person will get married and have kids. I think some people need to believe for hope of a better future. I say let’s see how true it is. So I’m writing it all here as not to forget it and in future I’ll look back and see just how much was correct if anything. That being said I’m not going to plan my life so that these ‘predictions’ happen.

What are your views on the mythical/spiritual world? Ever had your fortune foretold?



reIMG_3616 copy

I can’t live without a bag. Usually I keep one bag for a few months and then never use it again. At least I know it has everything I need in it. This in my current, fairly new bag which I love.


reIMG_3626 copy

I’m super excited… I finally decided it’s now or never and bought a Sedona Dehydrator which will be arriving tomorrow. I hope it’s going to be worth the hole in the pocket it’s caused. Can’t wait to make some gourmet raw food and make snacks for Vietnam travels in March.



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