1 month done and dusted!

So one month down on my 365 day photo a day journey. It’s been a challenge and I’m really happy with a few photos. I’m more happy with myself for actually completing a self portrait challenge because I hate having my photo taken and still do. I like to be behind the lens and thus for my February I’ve decided my new challenge will be the things I cannot live without.

This month I didn’t manage to achieve all my goals but I’m happy with what I did manage to do.

I started exercising again

I made a travel journal and a journal for 2013

Blog about our Vietnam and Lake Toba travels

Photo challenge

Stay on a high raw diet (no chips :P)

I didn’t get around to reading a book or designing dresses but now I know I need to push myself more this February and try and achieve those things.

I’m excited to grow some wheatgrass tomorrow as my wheatgrass juicer arrived today. Super keen to test out this thing! I don’t like the idea of wheatgrass but with it’s amazing health benefits, I think I can gulp down a daily shot.

Now onto photos…





Longan fruit, super sweet similar to a lychee.



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