Juicing for ultimate vitality

3 day juicing stash.

3 day juicing stash.

About 3 months back, I took the plunge and bought a juicer. One which I have used daily since (except for vacations). Since juicing I hardly get any pimples, I don’t get hungry like I used to in the mornings and it gives me tons of energy. My beloved hasn’t had any skin problems since drinking juice and he still eats a “standard Thai diet”. The beauty of juicing is that your body absorbs the nutrients quickly and a huge amount of them without having to eat a ton of fiber along with it. I make about 1litre of juice every morning. The staple is carrots or cucumbers. I wish I had celery but I can’t buy it at the local market. I use what I can buy and when I do go to a big shopping mall, then I spoil myself with organic beauties. Food shopping excited me πŸ˜›
Another benefit I find is that my green leaves are juiced and I don’t have to eat them (a reason why you should never force kids to eat things they don’t want to.)

Have you juiced or juice daily? What results have you noticed? If you haven’t, try it, you might just love it πŸ˜€

Your wallet might not. . . our food budget increased but I don’t get sick or get migraines anymore, so it’s worth every cent.

The amount of produce to make 1.25 liters.

The amount of produce to make 1.25 liters.

Morning sunshine blast:

4 cucumbers
4 apples
1 bunch collard greens
some mint
half a lemon



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