Poop??? Or not


I just have to share this. Upon asking my beloved if he likes the photo he replied “What is that? It looks like a ‘droll.’ (An Afrikaans word for a shit). This provided quite the laugh when I really looked at it again. I had first looked at it’s beautiful curve and had thought it would make a nice necklace, now I see a poop. Anyways, it’s a tamarind pod and for those of you that don’t know tamarind it’s tangy/sour/sweet and used to make pad Thai sauce in Thailand.

Today the skies were grey and the air cool. I wished I could turn over and fall into another dream. One in which I’m not pulling thorns from a dogs paw. I’m grateful I don’t live in a cold climate. I don’t like layers of clothing and even wearing a jacket under a raincoat feels weird. Rain makes me want to eat all day and luckily I had half a watermelon to snack on. My grade 1 class bombarded me with animal spelling among the usual rabbit, cat and dog were iguanas, rhinoceros, unicorns and mammoths. These little buggers make me smile at times. So innocent with their glinting eyes and yelling energy.

Caught up on some series watching tonight. I must say I’m loving Suits.

Anyways hope you enjoy the “poop” picture, I’m off to make a lemon smoothie.







3 thoughts on “Poop??? Or not

  1. the tamarind was not the best choice for it, actually. i’m ignoring it with the filter of my eyes and the rest works

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