Does vegan mean healthy?

While being a raw foodist, I don’t consider myself a raw vegan, even though I don’t eat any animal products. Every one thinks “animal rights” when vegan-ism get’s mentioned. I grew up on animal products and the hardest part about going raw was giving up meat. 2 years back I drank a liter of Milo (milk) a day and lived off the stuff in school, I ate milk chocolate almost daily and although not a cheese fan I still loved it over mac and cheese, nachos and a burger. How thing’s have changed. I get asked all the time why I’m on a diet here, the Thai’s around me don’t understand the concept of healthy eating. Eating fruit and veggies means diet to them. It’s frustrating most of the time.

I didn’t go raw for animal rights. I don’t agree with the way animals are slaughtered or injected but I didn’t stop eating animal products because of that. I wanted to be healthier and I kept reading how meat slows digestion and can cause many diseases etc. Do I miss meat? Absolutely everything time I smell it barbequing. Will I eat it? No because to me meat is my addiction. Just like my daily Milo and chocolate used to be and I don’t miss those anymore so I know this meat ‘missing’ will also pass.

Back to my point, I’ve been looking up vegan recipes because my meat eating male is trying to cut down on it and me being me (happy at his decision to cut down), volunteered to cook more healthy foods for him. I always assumed vegan was super healthy and I feel a little stupid for stereotyping it. The ‘cheese’ alternatives, processed meats, sugars, starches and bad food combining boggled my mind in a lot of the recipes. It’s like eating the Standard American Diet without animal products. Sure you DO get your more healthy less processed vegan foods and healthy vegans and I’m not bashing those at all. If you are vegan and interested in enlightening me, feel free. I have an open mind at the best of times and health interests me.

I want to hear YOUR views đŸ™‚


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