2 important things I’ll teach my kids



I grew up in a religious home where sex and nudity was and still is the taboo and unspoken. I fail to understand why these things should be seen as bad. In grade 2 I asked my mom what sex was, I was 8 years old. She said she would tell me when I was older. So it slipped my mind and 2 years later I found out from school friends what it was. I didn’t mention it but I found books and researched all about the sexual organs and pregnancy at the age of 10. I never dared let anyone catch me reading a book on the matter because I was afraid of being told it was adult matters. When a sex scene popped up in a movie, the channel would be changed and my insides would cringe at how uncomfortable I felt.

Now that I’m a bit older, I don’t think of sex as bad or taboo. It’s natural and part of life and we should embrace it. I’ll teach my kids from a young age because I want them to get the correct information from me and I don’t want them to feel like sex is bad.

Another thing is nudity. I find the human form fascinating and so beautiful, yet we are made to believe that showing skin makes you slutty or cheap. Of course there is a fine line but who said a short skirt is slutty in the first place? Stereotypes once again. We live in a world filled with them. We should be taught to appreciate our bodies and being naked. That way we wouldn’t find so much fault with ourselves.  Beauty shouldn’t be a magazine stereotype. I will let me kids run around naked for as long as they like and they will know that there is nothing wrong with being naked.

Let’s embrace life and not live it according to “old ways” and stereotypes.

Sex and nudity are only “bad” if we see it that way.



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