Lazy Sundays


Sundays are for waking up later, doing housework at my own pace, eating when I want and doing whatever I want. It’s a day dedicated to relaxing because my Saturday’s are more ‘work’ orientated. Today I edited photos for the majority of the day. Still not through our trips photos, they don’t seem to end. But I’m excited to get them online with the full story.

I only 11 days left to tick some more of my January goals done and I need to decide what my 365 day challenge theme for February is going to be. I don’t think I can handle another month of self portraits.

Hope your goals are going well and you are loving this year as much as I am?




I love carrots and eat then pretty much daily, or drink them. My mom used to tell me they would make me see better in the dark 😛 Now I eat them because they have a ton of amazing vitamins and minerals.


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