Corny Saturday



I’m probably the corniest person you will ever meet. See I’m being corny again 😛 B is always rolling his eyes at me when I say something silly. Anyways I love corn and more so I love ORGANIC corn. I never saw the importance of products being organic until I went raw. The whole point of being raw is to purify your body of toxins so eating products which are sprayed with nasty pesticides works against the ultimate goal. While I can’t afford to be fully organic, I do try and buy as much organic produce when I can and when we move I’ve made it very clear to B that I want a garden so I can grown my own veggies. What we put into our bodies is important if we want to live an energetic, healthy, long life.

pumpkin soup

Today I craved pumpkin soup and so I decided to make my first ever. It came out pretty delicious and although it wasn’t completely raw (I had to cook the pumpkin) it left me feeling full and energized. I had it for lunch and supper 🙂

Recipe if you are interested:

A quarter of any pumpkin (cooked slightly if you don’t have an amazing blender)

1 carrot chopped

1 organic corn

Half an apple

fresh coriander chopped

half a garlic clove and you can add in some onion if you have.

Add some cumin, cayenne pepper and I added curry powder to mine.

Add water until desired consistency.

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy as is or heat slightly. If you are not into cool soups then heat it up, it will still taste delicious.

I told B I will feed my baby this one day 😛 Better than any purity in a bottle.



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