Days away

Last night we got back from an amazing trip. I always feel so enriched after traveling. We had new experiences, ate new foods and met new people both local and travels.  Will be blogging all about it on my travel blog once I’ve edited the pictures.

For my photo challenges I cheated in the sense that I didn’t press the shutter but not having my tripod with or anything to rest the camera I decided that cheating is better than no picture a tall right?

Enjoy 🙂


passion fruit


reIMG_1125 reIMG_1124


something different

I had no fruit, so this was my significant others idea. Feeling dead tired here.





A real avocado from Berastagi:)


rose apple

*17/365* Back to having a tripod. Yay!

eggplant eggplant



2 thoughts on “Days away

  1. the first and the last are between sassy and funnily erotic, hehe. anyway, i see there’s too little attention on your photos here, which strikes me as they would deserve more for the lively playfulness that makes them music to the eyes. i hope WP is not getting dull. i appreciated

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