2013 goals


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is something amazing about a new year. It’s like a fresh journal just waiting to be filled with inspiration, ideas and thoughts.

I like having lists so I can tick off things and see my accomplishments. If I don’t have them, I find I become lazy and procrastinate. 13 has always been a special number to be. I don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with growing up in a number 13 house but I love it and because I love it I feel this year is going to be PERFECT. I’m excited for numerous things.

Firstly our break away to Lake Toba in Medan, Indonesia now in 2 weeks. Next is a 3 week holiday in Vietnam with my parents and my 22 birthday with them! Yay! Then we plan on moving house and city sometime in April. Finding new jobs, settling in and challenging myself on a creative basis. One can never plan a whole year exactly but I am going to strive to achieve much as possible this year.

I gave up making resolutions because when the new year dies out so do they and that’s why I prefer making them goals. I have some which challenge and others which aren’t as challenging. Some big, other small. Do you like making goals?

Here are some of mine in pictures 🙂


January’s goals


Day 1 of January’s fruit/veg portrait

xoxo A


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