ImageLooking back at 2012, I can’t help but feel proud. This year was a great one and I’m sure 2013 will be even better.

Halfway through this year I discovered “Raw foodism” and I went raw overnight. I have since eaten some cooked food here and there but on the whole I’ve been eating all my meals raw. I own a blender and until 2 months ago I had no juicer. So in a world that relies on a food processor and for some a dehydrator, I’ve done without either and still managed. I’ve lost 10kg since October 2011 (was the last weight reference I had) and I feel great. I’m starting to love my body and this is huge for me after feeling fat since pre-teen days.

Another huge achievement is that my love and I traveled home to visit our family, we went to Malaysia, Vietnam and traveled withing Thailand too. I feel so blessed to have seen and done everything I have and even more proud because we paid for everything ourselves. I’m a hopeless wanderlust.

Besides moving to a house, keeping an 8-4pm job, and the daily routines of living, I’ve done 5 photo shoots in Bangkok, which I organized myself. I wish it had been more as my goal for 2012 was to do 1 shoot every month but it wasn’t always possible and some months money was tight.

I learned to be completely open minded, to read up on things to improve my knowledge and to accept that everyone is different with different views.

These are my main proud achievements and I’m so inspired to start 2013 with a bunch of new goals and plans for the year ahead.

What are you proud of? Don’t be afraid of telling yourself you did well 🙂

❤ Amy



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