stop self critisism

“My visions” is a personal project that I plan on working on starting now into the new year and hopefully it will be a long continuous journey.

I’ve always been bad at blogging. I’m super critical and think my writing sucks so I hope to just be me, open, honest, sharing bits and pieces about me, life, thoughts and even my art. So here goes to a successful journey of pushing myself to be better and less critic of myself and my work. Who said, “We are our own worst enemies.”?? Because I’m that and I need to set myself free. Amy Scott, you are free to speak your mind, be unashamed of your thoughts however controversial and you are free to follow your dreams.

If any of you are on the same page, you don’t have to wait for another day/week/month/year to set yourself free. Try it now and lets take this journey together šŸ™‚



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